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Getting to know Chris

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

What is your background in? 

I got started in print design and transitioned over to digital as the industry changed. While I love print, the digital landscape is always evolving which makes designing in that space very exciting.

What do you work on primarily?

Lots of things! A typical day consists of working with clients, new business development, managing a great group of people and if I’m lucky, some actual design work.

What do you wish your clients knew?

How amazing our team is. I get compliments once in a while from clients who had the opportunity to work on a project that touches all aspects of what we do. Many of our clients utilize one or two aspects of our services, so they don’t get to see all the behind-the-scenes stuff. But when a client gets to see the wheels turn, they are blown away. Hearing clients rant and rave about the team makes me really proud of what we’ve built at Parkway.

Why do you love coming to work?

The people and the projects. We have a great group of people here, I honestly can’t say enough about everyone. Every day is different and you honestly don’t know what you will be working on any given day. It gives me the opportunity to flex both the left and right side of the brain, and I really enjoy that.

Can you share a professional or personal goal?

Steady progress. I know I shouldn’t say that I don’t have a long-term goal for the company, but I really don’t. I try to focus on the present, putting out the best work we can and providing the best service experience for our clients. Focusing consistently on both client work and on growing Parkway will take us where we need to go. Wherever that may be.

What would you be if you weren’t an entrepreneur?

A pilot. I seriously contemplated joining the Air Force both before college and after, I’ve always been obsessed with aviation. But I was always drawn to creating things. Whether it be businesses, designs or internal culture, that process became my true passion.

Anything else we should know about you?

I come from a large family. I have one brother, three half-sisters, one stepbrother and three stepsisters. Add in my wonderful wife, 2 beautiful daughters and all my nieces and nephews and there is a lot of us! Other than that, I am a die-hard Bills fan, I’m addicted to Mexican food and I take running my co-ed softball team FAR too seriously.

Favorite Sports Team? Buffalo Bills

Favorite Beer? Two Hearted Ale

Last concert you went to? Smashing Pumpkins

Dream car? Lamborghini Huracán Performante

Something you haven’t tried but would like to? Skydiving