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How Parkway Digital treats its clients differently

Here at Parkway, we do things a little differently. Over the last five years, our team has worked hard to create a company culture that we are all proud of. A big part of that culture is how we interact with each other and our clients. Here are a few reasons why working with our team is unique:

We view our clients as partners.

It’s not just something we say. Partnering with our clients is something we do and are passionate about. We can, of course, handle every single task that our clients need on our own. However, we actually prefer to operate as an extension of our clients’ internal team because we want to work with them to achieve their goals.

That may look like training them until they are self-sufficient or stepping in to finish a tricky task. We also make suggestions where and when we can on how they can improve their digital presence because their success matters as much to us as it does to them. Our clients genuinely appreciate the amount of attention we give them.

We don’t have contracts.

We want to work with people who want to work with us. Parkway doesn’t want to lock people into a binding contract. We’re committed to putting our clients first and we deliver only what’s in their best interest, not our own.

We build the car and then hand our clients the keys to drive it. In fact, we actually teach them how to use the tools we’ve built them. This way, they have exactly what they need to be self-sufficient if that’s what fits their team and budget. However, we’ll stay around as little or as much as they need us to!

We’re small, and we plan to keep it that way.

It’s true that over the last three years Parkway has doubled in size. With that being said, we still have a team of only six. Having a small team means that we have to be diligent in our processes, but it also gives us plenty of flexibility and room for creativity when fulfilling our clients’ needs.

Being such a small agency, we always make ourselves available to communicate with our clients. When they call, we actually answer the phone. If they have a design question, they can call the design team. If they have a content question, they’ll speak with them directly. We point our clients to exactly who they need to speak with, so they don’t have to jump through several hoops to get an answer.

We’re always learning.

Our industry is constantly evolving, and we love it because it keeps us on our toes. Our team of six works twice as hard to prove ourselves against the big agencies. We’ve got our hands on the newest technology and our heads in industry publications to stay ahead of the latest trends. Growth truly satisfies our souls and drives our passion for the game.

We have a well-rounded team.

Our team specializes in left brain and right brain thinking. While our talents do overlap, no two positions at Parkway are the same. We complement each other with unique skills and diverse perspectives. It’s rare that we get to work on a project that requires each and every one of our skills, although when it does happen, our clients are blown away by our bandwidth.

We want to see our clients succeed.

We love seeing our clients thrive… in fact, we live for it. We strive to deliver results beyond their (and our own) expectations. When our clients excel, we rest well at night knowing that we’re doing our part to contribute to the community that we love here in Buffalo.