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Competitor Analysis

The key to developing a successful SEO strategy is finding the best way to get an edge on your competitors. When we say competitors, we’re talking about the big players in your industry, locally and nationally. You know them well, because they’re the ones who rank on the first page of search results for the same keywords you’re targeting. Parkway Digital identifies who your company is up against online and finds opportunities for you to shine in the search results using competitor analysis.

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Using competitor research to your advantage

Finding out who your keyword competitors are is just half the battle. Next, you’ve got to find out how to get around them. There’s no point in competing with huge brands for popular words that everyone (literally, everyone) is searching for. Why? Simply put, because you won’t have a shot of making the first, or probably even the third, page of search results.

However, just because you can’t contend with your competitors’ keywords doesn’t mean you can’t talk about the same thing. It just means you have to come up with a different way to say it. We complete competitor analyses with SEO and keywords in mind to help you capitalize on your competitors’ weaknesses. Using analytical, technical and creative tools, we’ll help you come up with new ways to talk about your brand in ways that resonate with searchers.

Researching your competitor’s digital strategies is a big part of competitor analysis. Parkway Digital dives in to get to know your competitors, looking at web content, ads, customer journeys, backlinks, target audiences and more. What are they doing well? What can we learn from them? Where can you take the lead? Then, we’ll use the juicy details we uncover during competitor research to find strategic opportunities for your business.

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