Facebook advertising, Facebook marketing, social media marketing Buffalo NY

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a pretty cool digital tool when it comes to building your brand. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram give you the power to connect one-on-one with customers, which is pretty much impossible anywhere else besides your actual store. If keeping up with followers’ comments and new reviews isn’t on your to do list, we’ll add it to ours.

Facebook advertising, Facebook marketing, social media marketing Buffalo NY
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You know how important it is to put your best foot forward on social media, but what worked a few years ago (or, honestly, even a few months ago) might not be what gets results on LinkedIn and Facebook today. Let us keep up with shifting trends and algorithms (because we actually really like that sort of thing) so you can take care of the details you love about your business.

Almost 80% of our population is on Facebook, so you probably should be too. Whether you’re spending a few dollars promoting your annual sale or looking for a full-blown social media campaign, Parkway can help you grow with Facebook advertising. Don’t get us wrong, organic social media is powerful, but adding a little bit of Facebook advertising to your digital strategy lets you reach beyond the fans who already know and love your brand.


Want to keep site visitors and search engines coming back for more? Fresh content is key, but your blog (unfortunately) won’t write itself. That’s where Parkway comes in.


No matter what your goals are, Parkway can create digital ads that help you meet them. Unless, of course, your goals don’t include selling more stuff or connecting with customers.


Your digital channels are collecting data all day, every day. Not sure what to do with it all? Don’t worry, we’re really excited about taking a deep dive into all those numbers.