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Social Media Management

Doing social media the right way takes a lot of time. Consistency and conversations are so important if you want to make your presence known in your followers’ feeds. That’s why managing your social media by yourself can be overwhelming. We totally get it; it’s a lot to handle! At Parkway Digital, social media management goes beyond posting regular updates (although we definitely do that too).

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Managing your day-to-day social media

If you know exactly what you want your social media to accomplish but can’t find the time to make it happen, we’d be happy to take care of the day-to-day details of your accounts. Together, we’ll build a content calendar that keeps everyone on track and in the loop. After content is created, we’ll make sure it’s shared at the right time in the right place to catch the attention of your customers.

We thrive on audience engagement and we’re constantly looking for new ways you can interact with your followers. Let us handle responding to the comments, reviews, and messages your accounts receive allowing you to free up your schedule. Inactive accounts or lengthy response times can hurt customer satisfaction. We’ll act on your behalf so that your customers know they are fully supported 24/7.

Analytics are an important piece of our role as social media managers. It’s essential to check in on the data captured by your social media channels to see how your followers are interacting with your posts. Numbers are kind of our thing, so let us take care of interpreting your analytics and uncovering insights for you! These deep dives into the data give us a good idea of how we can drive more interaction with your content.

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