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Digital strategies that inspire meaningful connections

Parkway Digital is passionate about cultivating collaborative relationships that inspire meaningful connections. Together, we develop tailored digital solutions that engage your customers and help your business grow.

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Parkway Digital blends responsive web design, ecommerce capabilities and intuitive navigation for a seamless user experience.


We create strategic digital advertising campaigns that engage your target audience and maximize return on investment.


Whether you’re a national brand or a Buffalo-based small business, Parkway Digital can help you stand out in the search results.


We’re happy to take care of the day-to-day details of your social media accounts so your customers know they’re supported 24/7.


We craft strategic content that encourages both conversations and conversions while providing value to loyal and potential customers alike.


Parkway Digital harnesses the power of today’s technology to design software solutions that change how you do business for the better.


We use the data collected by your digital channels to create a more efficient and effective marketing strategy over time.


In a world where communication is instantaneous and user expectations are higher than ever, we create strategies that connect you to customers.

Fusing design and technology

Our small yet mighty team crafts customized digital campaigns that start with innovative web design. We’re made up of coders, strategists, designers and writers, allowing us to approach digital marketing a little differently. Parkway Digital’s multifaceted approach combines design and technology for a captivating customer experience.

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