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Is a blog right for your business? Here’s what to consider

While spending time online, you’ve probably noticed a lot of businesses feature a blog on their website. And it’s not just companies within a certain industry or sector. Just about every kind of business has hopped on the blog bandwagon, and for good reason. As you know, Parkway has its own blog dedicated to marketing and content topics. Since you’re reading this post, you might be wondering why that is and if your business is missing out by not having one. The answer? It depends.

What’s the Deal With Blogging?

First, it’s important to understand why blogging is so popular with all kinds of businesses. With searchers scouring the internet for solutions to their problems and answers to their questions, search engines like Google serve as the connector between searchers and high-quality, informative content. Producing regular content that features relevant keywords and demonstrates EEAT (experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) allows businesses to establish themselves as credible sources of information for interested audiences. Engaged readers may, in turn, come back for more content or even become customers.

Thinking about adding a blog to your website? Consider these questions:

What Are My Marketing Goals?

Depending on what you want to achieve, a blog can be a pretty simple, effective tactic. Blogs are best suited for businesses that hope to increase website traffic, build brand awareness and establish thought leadership. In other words, you want to see more active users visit your website, have those visitors gain a better understanding of your business, and build a high level of trust and credibility with them.

Will My Target Audience Care?

Think about your ideal customer. Does this person use search engines to seek answers to their questions? Do they like to engage with and read written content? If this sounds like your typical audience, a blog could be a great strategic option. However, if these don’t describe your audience or your audience prefers to engage with more visual or short form mediums, you may need to pursue other marketing strategies to fulfill your goals, like content repurposing for different audiences or channels.

Do I Have the Resources?

Even in the AI age, creating good blog content that will attract, resonate with and offer value to audiences isn’t as simple as having generative tools pump out content. Creating blog content still requires a human touch to truly connect with readers. That means you’ll need to have the personnel and the time to research and write content on a regular basis. If you don’t have the resources, you could outsource blogging to an agency that offers search engine optimization and content marketing.

Parkway Digital Copywriter Summer Phillipson
Summer Phillipson / Copywriter
Summer balances a knack for telling a story (thanks to a stint in journalism) with copy that tells readers exactly what they need to know. Her experience, which includes everything from industrial ad copy to small business websites, is evident in every project she takes on for Parkway’s clients.