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Our favorite brands (and why we love them)

A company is more than just an office or a website. Those things may pay the bills, but they don’t make people genuinely like a business. What keeps customers coming back for more even when they have choices that are faster, cheaper or closer?

It’s the company’s personality and brand that matters more than ever in today’s world.

We love helping our clients create brands that their customers can’t get enough of. That doesn’t mean we’re immune to the power of amazing brands, though. If anything, we’re more obsessed with companies that let their wild personalities shine through in everything they do!

Chris’s Favorites

Buffalo Bills

Personally, I’m a huge fan, season ticket holder and love what they mean to the city. On a professional level, their social media work is next level.

SOURCE: Buffalo Bills

Rob’s Favorites


The Apple brand consistently sells technology using human-centric messaging, driving adoption that would not otherwise be possible.


The iconic Coca-Cola logo remains stable throughout time while being continuously updated to “keep with the times.”

SOURCE: Coca Cola

Taylor’s Favorites

Oxford Pennant

Most Buffalo-based companies do a good job of championing our city, but Oxford Pennant is really good at showing people how cool Buffalo is. Their vintage designs are paired with American-made materials for a look that’s immediately recognizable, whether you’re in their downtown storefront or at a NYC holiday market.

Warby Parker

Sometimes online brands have a hard time connecting with customers because they’re, well, online. Warby Parker crosses the divide with amazing customer service, week-long home try ons, and reimbursements for the cost of getting your glasses fit to your face at a local optometrist’s office. And they like dogs. So that’s cool.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Maybe it’s the mid-2000s teen in me, but I can’t stop ordering clothes from Abercrombie & Fitch. In a world where even expensive clothes are paper-thin and nothing fits quite right, A&F seems to have figured out the perfect mix of quality basics and fun weekend wear that seems age-appropriate without making me feel like my mom.

SOURCE: Abercrombie & Fitch “Face Your Fierce” campaign

Tyler’s Favorites


Maybe nostalgia plays a part, but I have always loved Nintendo products and games. Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda are some of my all time favorite pieces of media and Nintendo continues to release wonderful iterations of these series.

Premier League

I see this brand every weekend while watching my club Tottenham Hotspur, and it still feels fresh after the rebrand it went through in 2016. The logo and overall branding is modern and dynamic (as it should be for the most watched and top soccer league in England).

SOURCE: Premier League

Jenni’s Favorites


Scholastic Book Fairs are intricate parts of most childhood memories. We all remember the bright colors, the educational mission, and the relatable characters (often as cardboard cut-outs at Book Fairs). Scholastic jumps into the lives of children at a time when readers and writers are being formed. Unlike other publishing houses, Scholastic genuinely cares about their audience and the messages their stories hold.

TIGI Bed Head

Living with naturally curly hair isn’t easy! It takes a LOT of trial and error before finding a product that works for your hair texture. One of the first products I remember using in middle school was a TIGI Bed Head product. Not just because it actually worked well, but because the colors, advertisements, and messaging stood out. The product names were funky and memorable and, most importantly, the product calmed my crazy curls. Even today, their brand continues to have the same spunk it had in the 2000s.

SOURCE: Scholastic

Davids’s Favorites

Liberty Mutual

Excellent phone customer service and rapidly improving app experience. – Both my agent and customer service reps have been stellar. Their current ad campaigns are also solid.

Bank of America

Look, I could talk to you about the ills of the US banking and financial system all day but as a company competing for my time, effort, eyeballs and dollars, BoA does well. Their app is filled with helpful content you can easily find and be connected to and their customer service is stellar. They pay well (and they let everyone know it on a variety of channels) and they invest in their communities by opening additional branches and have also extended the hours those branches are open.

SOURCE: Liberty Mutual

Summer’s Favorites

e.l.f. Cosmetics

If Summer is brand loyal to any company, it’s this one. That’s because e.l.f. (standing for EyesLipsFace) is the ultimate combination of accessibility and affordability. This makeup and skincare brand was founded on the concept of helping any shopper “look good for less” with its premium products sold in just about any shopping center for only drugstore prices, making it a true standout in the beauty industry.

Teddy Fresh

You can always tell when a brand encourages creativity. Teddy Fresh does just that with its original streetwear apparel and accessories. Aside from their original designs, the brand collaborates with featured artists and pop culture icon brands to create works of art you can wear. Teddy Fresh is also committed to high ethical and sustainability standards, ensuring their products are made with better materials without the use of child labor and other unfair labor practices.

SOURCE: e.l.f. Cosmetics