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Signs it’s time for a website copy refresh

By May 3, 2021May 7th, 2021No Comments

For many small businesses and start-ups, website copy is often pushed to the wayside because of time or budget limitations. Writing copy for a website takes a long time and it can, to a first-timer, seem less important than other aspects of your new site. But without high-quality, optimized content, a website is simply a jumble of graphics, pictures and buttons. Website content is so valuable because it’s what helps you effectively communicate with search engines and potential customers, as well as build trust with site visitors.

Just like making sure your website design is up-to-date, you need to make sure your content mirrors current SEO standards, consumer needs and your business. Whether your site has been around for decades or just a few years, it’s important that you’re consistently refreshing the content on your website to stay relevant and engage with new leads online.

How often does your website copy need to be revamped? There’s really no definitive answer to that question, but these signs will help you figure out whether it’s due for a facelift!

Your Customers’ Needs Have Changed

In order to connect with your customers, you need to show you understand their needs. There’s a good chance your customers’ needs have changed in the last few years! If your current website copy doesn’t empathize with your visitors’ pain points, it’s time to write more relevant content that speaks to potential customers on a deeper level.

Your Business Offerings Have Evolved

Has your business evolved since you last wrote your website copy? If your products or services have changed in any way, you’ve launched new add-ons, or you’ve expanded to a new location, it’s time to refresh your copy. It’s important that your website is up-to-date to reflect your current offerings and accurate business information.

Your Copy No Longer Reflects Your Brand Voice

As your business grows and changes, your brand evolves to resonate with new audiences and reflect new goals. Updating your messaging is just as important as updating your visual brand online, like your logo and color scheme. If your web copy no longer represents your brand well or communicates your message and personality, it’s time to swap out the old for the new. Make sure your brand voice aligns with your values and is in tune with the customers you want to attract.

You’re Trailing on Keyword Trends

It’s hard to catch the attention of search engines and searchers when your keywords are outdated. If you haven’t updated your website content in a few years, your original keywords may no longer drive traffic like they used to. Keyword trends are constantly changing, so it’s important that you’re keeping up to ensure you’re staying relevant to search engines and search engine users.

Your Competitors Are Outperforming You

One of the best ways to tell whether your website content needs some reworking is by comparing your copy to your competitors’. Finding out whether you lack a competitive edge calls for some serious self-critique and reflection. Keep in mind, your copy should empathize with potential customers, present a solution and highlight your competitive advantages in a credible way. If your competitors are doing a better job at this than you, then you’re likely missing out on new website traffic and your copy is due for a refresh.

Your Website Visitors Don’t Stick Around

If you’re experiencing high bounce rates and low conversion rates, then it’s likely your website content isn’t doing its job to engage with visitors. Perhaps your leads are getting a negative first impression of your brand, or they can’t find what they’re looking for fast enough. Update your copy with trending keywords and give your website traffic a reason to stick around, whether they’re using their mobile device or desktop computer. This might even mean arranging your existing copy in a new way or including keywords in a hierarchy that appeals to search engines!