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We care about analytics and you should too

Digital marketing means that ad campaigns will be delivered through various digital channels to a highly targeted audience (your ideal demographic).

Imagine you own a pet shop. If you could guarantee that your ad would be delivered to pet owners within a specific radius of your store ONLY, would you? Not only is it efficient but you’re guaranteed a better return than from other methods. Google Analytics then collects data from these campaigns which can benefit your business in a number of ways.


Learn more about your audience by understanding how they interact with your brand on the internet. Google Analytics provides information like where your traffic originated from. Was it a social media post? Banner ad? Google search? Tweet? By analyzing the information, find out what is working for you, what areas might need some attention or avenues that could be worth investing more in.

Goal Tracking

Google Analytics delivers real-time feedback so that you can see, change, and react to the data that is collected. Setting goals for your campaigns is an easy way to track which methods are working the best. In the long run, you will weed out the less effective ads or channels. Over time, you will ultimately be left with highly efficient campaigns.

Digital Efficiency

There will always be a time and place for traditional marketing. With that being said, however, digital marketing offers an efficiency that cannot be beat. If an ad campaign is not running successfully, it can be quickly replaced or removed. Maybe you have ads that only run during a specific season? Those campaigns can be paused until they’re needed again.

Understand Your Audience Better

Google also collects the age, gender, interest, even location of those that interact with your brand on the web. This will help you tailor future your advertising campaigns.