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Parkway announces expansion and new home in Village of Lancaster

Parkway Digital has moved to Lancaster! We know you probably have a lot of questions, which we’re more than happy to answer. Of course, we’ll be serving our current clients with the same digital marketing services. We’re also looking ahead to bigger and better opportunities in a new space that supports our company’s vision and long-term goals!

Preparing for Parkway Digital’s Future

Parkway Digital will celebrate its eighth anniversary in January. Over the last three years, we’ve more than doubled in size, welcoming our eighth team member this September. Our team has not only grown in size but in capability as well. We felt it was time to settle into a space that reflects our progress and growth.

Our new building, located in the heart of Lancaster, accommodates our growing team in a modern workspace that gives us plenty of room for collaboration. After over a year of construction, we are thrilled to finally be in our brand new space. Purchased in October of 2019, our 150-year-old building was in dire need of updates. After a complete interior renovation, including the replacement of every single door and window (even opening up some previously covered ones), as well as exterior updates, we can finally call the new space home. The new open-concept office space mirrors our relationship-focused company culture. You’ll also see our new logo and colors throughout our space as a visual testament to the growth happening at Parkway Digital.

While we’re excited to share the new space with our partners and clients when it’s safe to do so, we’re also excited about what it means for our team. Our new location gives us plenty of room for expansion down the road.

Meeting the Demands of Our Clients

Our small yet mighty agency takes pride in our ability to be flexible and creative in fulfilling our client’s needs. The new building features collaborative spaces and an inviting open floor plan. With a larger space to call our own, we’re better equipped to fulfill our clients’ ever-evolving needs and goals.

Being Part of the Community

Lancaster is an accessible location for our employees and clients, offering all of the necessary conveniences (by this, we mean Wegmans and coffee shops) within reach. With major downtown revitalization projects underway, the Village of Lancaster is a vibrant new hot spot for both residents and visitors.

We’re excited to be a part of the revival happening in Lancaster right now. With a prime location and a unique, historic storefront, we have the opportunity to be a more visible part of the community we serve. We can’t wait to make the new space our own and make an impact in the community!