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Introducing Parkway’s connection-inspired rebrand

By March 10, 2021June 1st, 2021No Comments

In 2020, we celebrated our fifth anniversary and added a seventh team member. Throughout the past year, the Parkway team has also been working on something pretty special for 2021, and we’re very excited to finally share it with you! Without further ado, we’re introducing a comprehensive rebrand that speaks to our mindful growth and repositioning. Our new visual identity and messaging focus on our passion for cultivating collaborative relationships that inspire meaningful connections in Buffalo and beyond.

Drawing from over six years of work in a rapidly changing environment, we’re pivoting our approach to emphasize the power of connections, both internally and externally. Evolved visual elements, designed in collaboration with Stronghold Studio, are the cornerstone of our refreshed brand.

Parkway’s new logo explores the inspiration for our name, derived from Olmsted’s Buffalo parkway system, and our connections-centered philosophy. Our new pattern features the very design concept used in Soldiers Circle, the central point of Buffalo’s parkway system. When the pattern is repeated, our circular logo icon is revealed. An abstract representation of the parks and parkways that connect Buffalo’s neighborhoods, the custom icon symbolizes our devotion to collaboration among clients, partners, team members and community members.

Responding to Our Clients’ Needs

In the wake of new challenges, shifting priorities, growing needs and an evolving business landscape, Parkway continues to adapt to the demands of both longstanding and new clients. No matter what competitive challenges or exciting victories our clients may be facing, we respond to their needs at their pace.

We’ve always taken pride in our strong client and partner relationships. Parkway works as a trusted extension of our clients’ teams to spark engagement and create pathways between them and their customers. We also leverage trusted partnerships to deliver seamless, impactful campaigns for our clients. Through our collaborative relationships, we want to inspire meaningful connections that impact the people and businesses in our community.

Strengthening Internal Processes

Parkway’s commitment to continued growth and innovation allows us to stay ahead of business and technology changes. We’re responding to shifting demands with creative, forward-thinking strategies for both our clients and our organizational procedures.

Our small, yet mighty team has proven its ability to remain resilient in the face of new challenges and pressures. Parkway is focusing on maintaining a strong foundation no matter the work environment with refined internal processes. Managing a nimble operation, efficient workflow and agile team enables us to serve our clients in a dynamic capacity.

Our rebrand is a reflection of a deep, introspective look at how we get work done. Investing time into our internal processes, understanding our strengths, and being vulnerable with one another helps us streamline our work and deliver rewarding results!