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What collaboration means to us

At Parkway Digital, collaboration is at the core of our daily grind and long-term strategy. We never dive into our work alone. We always embrace our clients, partners and teammates for help along the way! Find out what collaboration really means to us.

Our Clients

We believe we do our best work as an extension of our clients’ team. As a small, tight-knit agency, we take pride in our ability to develop strong relationships with our clients that allow for effective communication and efficient processes. We’re able to connect with our clients’ customers on a deeper level when we work closely with them and understand their priorities.

While we always try to integrate ourselves into our clients’ big picture, there are a few projects that immediately come to mind when we think about the word collaboration.

Buffalo Museum of Science: Virtual Science Fair

The Buffalo Museum of Science was one of the many businesses forced to close their doors for an indefinite period of time due to the global pandemic. Our technical team worked very closely with the Museum to come up with a virtual concept that allowed them to continue engaging with families throughout the shutdown. Parkway grabbed hold of the “Virtual Science Fair” idea and quickly delivered the Buffalo Museum of Science’s vision with their input along the way!

Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys: Monthly Content

Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys, a longtime client of Parkway Digital, has trusted our team through a multitude of new ventures, from a website redesign to an upgraded social strategy. Most recently, we’ve worked with Jeffrey Freedman’s team to develop an effective content strategy. Our customized content plan works to position the firm as a reliable authority in their field while bringing in relevant website traffic.

Each month, we create an overarching content plan for their website’s blog using keywords that potential clients may be using to search. Then, Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys writes the content, and we publish the blog posts and share them across the client’s social media platforms. Our content team also optimizes older posts on a monthly basis. Using historical traffic data, we decide which content has the most lasting potential and edit the posts to ensure that none of the firm’s content is competing against itself in the SERPs.

CME4Life: Email Campaigns

Parkway has been working as an extension of CME4Life’s team for quite some time now. CME4Life, a continuing medical education company, has seen the significant impact email marketing can have on potential and loyal customers first-hand. We work side-by-side with the marketing team at CME4Life to develop a comprehensive email marketing strategy and schedule that meets their business goals.

When COVID-19 began to affect travel, CME4Life worked with the Parkway Digital team to transition its live conferences to a virtual format. We quickly adjusted our email marketing strategy to prioritize CME4Life’s live webinars and at-home CME products. We find ourselves going back-and-forth with the CME4Life team almost daily to ensure that we are working on the same page!

Our Partners

At Parkway, we recognize the rewarding opportunities that partnerships can lead to, both for our clients and our team! We leverage trusted, collaborative partnerships to deliver seamless campaigns and impactful results for our clients. Close collaboration is so important when it comes to partnerships. We communicate regularly with our partners to make sure that we’re working at the same pace and to the highest standard for our clients.

White Bicycle: Villa Maria College Campaign

Our recent partnership with White Bicycle is a testament to our ability to collaborate with creatives beyond our own team. One of our most collaborative projects to date with White Bicycle is Villa Maria College’s See For Yourself campaign. White Bicycle worked on the visual elements and narrative, while we carried the campaign out digitally.

Parkway’s social media team has transformed Villa Maria’s Instagram profile into a cohesive grid with graphics that mirror the “See For Yourself” brochure that White Bicycle created. Our content team wrote the copy for the campaign’s landing page based on the video White Bicycle produced. Finally, our design team developed creative digital ads that echo the visual concepts presented throughout White Bicycle’s materials, including the billboard and promotional video.

Our Team

Collaboration begins within the smallest unit, our team, and drives our interactions with clients and partners. We believe it’s so important that we invest time into our internal processes to create a more streamlined operation and, ultimately, better work. Our team collaborates on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis to ensure that our internal processes are as efficient and productive as possible.

What does this look like for us?

In a collaborative work environment, each person acknowledges that we work best as a team. As important as it is that we play to one another’s strengths, we must also accommodate for any vulnerabilities. Communication is crucial for collaboration, whether we’re in the office or working from home.

As a team, we share responsibilities with each other to find out how we can make our work processes and ourselves more agile. We turn to digital tools and automation platforms like Monday, Slack and Google Drive to create more efficient work habits and workflows. This gives us more time to spend with our clients, whether we’re answering questions or talking about new solutions for their business.