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Refine your customer journey with 4 steps

Before your prospects become customers, they go through a series of steps: awareness, interest, intent, evaluation, purchase and retention (or repurchase). These steps make up the customer journey.

Every business’ customer journey is slightly different, depending on what product or service you sell, how your customers typically purchase and if they can repurchase at any point in the future. No matter how your customers become customers, these 4 steps can help you refine your customers’ journey, making it easier for them to convert.

Step 1: Experience the Customer Journey for Yourself

Have you ever bought something from your business? Go to your company’s website, sign up for your email campaign, visit a store that sells your product or schedule a phone call with a salesperson.

Step 2: Visualize Your Customer Journey

Create a visual representation of your customer journey using sticky notes or workflow software based on the journey you experienced as a “customer.” Add new steps and touchpoints that you think will help people in the interest, intent and evaluation stages move to the purchase and retention steps. Collaborate with marketing, sales and customer service personnel to address concerns they hear from potential customers.

Step 3: Implement Your New Touchpoints

Put your newly visualized customer journey into practice. There are dozens of ways to make your customers more likely to purchase and repurchase! Update your web design, add signage in your stores, and address frequently asked questions with your sales agents and customer service representatives.

Step 4: Evaluate Your New Customer Journey

Set goals before refining your customer journey so you can evaluate the success of your changes. Success can mean that more people completed checking out online, the people who purchased spent more money, or customers are less likely to turn to competitors when they need to replace your product. Refining and testing your customer journey is a long-term process.