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Parkway moves on up (upstairs, that is)

After months of renovating the second floor of our Lancaster office, we are happy to say it’s finally complete! We’ll be decorating forever, but the functional workspaces and overall aesthetic are finished–and looking pretty good, if you ask us. The road to a fully renovated office has been long, but we couldn’t be happier with the results.

A Space for Community, Collaboration and Quiet

Parkway’s goal for expanding to the second floor wasn’t just to have more work and meeting space available. It was also important to have space where our team could work independently as well as collaborate with one another.

The second floor allows for both of those things!

On top of multiple spaces for brainstorming, meetings and independent work, the doors of each space can be closed. This is so helpful for those of us who need a quieter space, a change of scenery or just want to work without any distractions.

The flexibility the second floor gives the team is huge! With two floors of work, meeting and community spaces, we can stay productive and comfortable throughout the day. As Parkway continues to grow, we look forward to using both floors in ways we haven’t even thought of yet!

Office Space

With our team growing and changing, we needed extra workspace first and foremost. The office space upstairs is modern and minimalist with a hint of personality from the content team, which currently occupies the space. Local art hangs on the walls, books line the shelves and plants cover desks, window sills and corners. Cozy doesn’t even begin to describe the vibe the content team has created for themselves!

Brainstorming Space

Even though the first floor of Parkway’s office is spacious, client meetings take precedence in the conference room, which can limit its functionality as an internal meeting space. Enter the upstairs brainstorming room, a miniature version of the downstairs conference room. A large white board and TV fit perfectly on the wall.

Flex Room

As Parkway grows, we want there to be extra rooms and spaces for the team to grow into. Between the office space the content team currently occupies and a brainstorming room, there is a space we call the flex room.

One of our part-time workers uses it on occasion right now, but it also is a space for other team members to work in when they want a change of scenery! Since some of the Parkway team still works downstairs, utilizing this little flex room may be just what they need part way through the day. Not everyone at Parkway works the same–actually, everyone has their own unique way of working! This flex room gives our team the ability to move around the building when they feel their focus slipping.

“Zoom Room”

Having a private space just for virtual meetings was important to us too. While some of us use this room to work quietly as an escape from usual office discussion (or music), virtual meetings take precedence in this room. A space with two purposes? Game changer.

Full Kitchen and Dining Space

Snacks and coffee play major roles in our team’s productivity throughout the day. Imagine the excitement when we realized there would be a full kitchen and dining space in the upstairs addition? This makes it easy to fill up another cup of coffee or warm up lunch without trekking up and down the stairs.