How to use hashtags in a way that benefits you

Maybe you use hashtags already or maybe you’ve avoided them entirely but either way it’s important to know how they work and what they can add to your social media presence. Adding hashtags gives your social media posts the potential for more traction on the internet by allowing them to be seen more. A hashtag is indicated by a # followed by a word or phrase (without any spaces). Hashtags can “trend” and allows multiple posts to be grouped together under the same label.

Posts that have hashtags attached to them are twice as likely to get engagement from viewers. Therefore making it a beneficial technique for businesses who might be looking for increased exposure.


If you’re still unsure if you want to utilize hashtags in your social media strategy, the best place to start would be Instagram. Load your post up with as many hashtags as you see fit and if you are searching for something. Hashtags are great for finding inspiration too. Looking for #tattooideas or #funnyanimals? Type into the search bar and you are greeted with millions of images that share that hashtag. Instagram users started taking advantage of personally branded hashtags for their special events even (weddings, parties, vacations, etc.).


Twitter helps its users by collecting the most used hashtags along the left side of your homepage under the “Trends” section. The tricky part here? Your hashtags have to fit within the 160 limit meaning you won’t be able to fit as many as you would on an Instagram post where the space is unlimited. It is interesting to watch what the world is talking about though, as it is updated in real time.


Facebook may be the last to come around, however the platform has began to utilize the hashtag. The opportunities here continue to grow. Hashtags on Facebook can inspire conversations about public events, people and topics. If you see someone using a hashtag in their post – “The commercials are so funny this year! #superbowl” – you can click on #superbowl and you will be directed to a page populated with other posts with #superbowl in them. 

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