A Review of Google “My Business”

In early June 2014 Google Launched a new portal called “My Business.” Reilley Design Studio wanted to “kick the tires” to try and better understand where Google is going with “My Business,” so we spent some time experimenting in collaboration with one of our more advanced e-commerce clients.

What we found.

For most website owners / administrators,”My Business” is just a web portal that pulls together a bunch of existing Google Tools (Google Plus, Google Analytics, Google Merchant Center, Google Insights, Google Hangouts, Google Reviews from Google Local, Google Maps, etc.) into a single, very handy, website. It even has the convenient URL of www.google.com/MyBusiness/.

For Web / Software / App Developers, “My Business” provides an interesting opportunity to link together previously disjointed Google services commonly utilized by businesses for the mundane (claim a business’ address for Google Places to sophisticated digital advertising campaigns (AdWords Product Listing Ads with conversion tracking).

Since it was all suddenly so easy, we activated some additional Google services we might not have otherwise (i.e.: Reviews). We also linked all the existing Google services already being utilized within a few minutes. All seemed healthy, so we decided the next step would be to setup a Google Shopping feed.

My Business enables Google Shopping

“My Business”  seems to have made it very easy to “feed” Google Shopping with products from existing WordPress w/ WooCommerce Stores via the Google Merchant Center (www.google.com/merchants/). To generate the feed XML we installed the WordPress WooCommerce Shopping Cart Export Plugin (paid: 119.99. Free: limited to single feed with 10 products.) and setup a Google Shopping feed within about 15-minutes. We’re still analyzing the analytics, but the initial results seem promising.

A Toolbox “Must Have”?

All-in-all, will Google “My Business” will  become a “must have” tool in the digital marketing toolbox?  Well, yea.  We also suspect www.google.com/MyBusiness/ becomes one of those bookmarks you use all the time.

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