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Year in review: How we spent 2020

By December 8, 2020December 16th, 2020No Comments

This year was a doozy. It somehow lasted three times longer than usual and passed in the blink of an eye at the same time. Although it was different for sure, 2020 wasn’t all bad at Parkway! Every single month brought something exciting, whether it was celebrating a milestone (Parkway turned five at the very end of last year) or helping clients navigate our new normal.

January: Last year, it became obvious that we wouldn’t fit in our office at 19 Limestone Drive forever. Chris found a cool historic building nestled in Lancaster’s business district last fall and buildout began in January. What was once a bank and, most recently, a podiatrist’s office, started its transformation into an open space where we can prioritize connections and collaboration.

February: To be honest, we couldn’t remember anything big happening in February. But to make up for it, we have two things to tell you about in March.

March: First, we won two ADDYs at this year’s industry awards ceremony. We had a blast celebrating an awesome 2019 with team dinner before the main event too. However, just a few days later, we were impacted by restrictions put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19. It’s hard to believe we’ve been working from home (at full capacity) since March.

April: In April, Chris sold Parkway’s home since 2014, 19 Limestone Drive. It was perhaps more bittersweet than it would have been under normal circumstances. We left in a hurry in March, not fully realizing it would be our last time working there.

May: Many of our clients needed help adjusting to life without in-person exhibits, conferences, or shopping. The Buffalo Museum of Science adapted to restrictions with a Virtual Science Fair. We built a plugin modeled after a cookbook to make at-home science projects inspired by the Museum possible.

June: We launched a highly visual website for Mach Architecture in June. This was a fun one, with tons of original imagery from their collaborative academic spaces accented by futuristic, geometric elements that mimic their logo.

July: The Parkway team expanded again in July with the addition of Mike, our junior developer. We’re so thankful to continue to grow during a year that rocked businesses of all sizes. The team is excited to get to know Mike even better once it’s safe to be back in the office.

August: TechBuffalo’s new website launched in August, introducing the tech industry and Buffalo to one another. We had fun working with our friends at White Bicycle to build a site showcasing the organization’s resources for job seekers, industry professionals and growing businesses.

September: Earlier this year, we worked with the Centre for Ocular Research & Education (CORE) to create an infographic educating contact wearers about eye hygiene during COVID-19. In September, we launched a website for The Easy Way, an initiative from the Contact Lens Institute. The website aims to help eye care professionals simplify contact lens best practices all the time—global pandemic or not.

October: We continued supporting businesses through COVID-19 restrictions this fall, with a worldwide virtual conference that required Rob and Mike to work around the clock. There were tons of moving parts on this one, like dynamically changing languages and start times based on where you were accessing the conference.

November: After a very long process hindered by just about every obstacle you can think of, work wrapped up on our new building! We can’t wait to show you the exposed brick, tall ceilings, giant windows and a million other details we love.

December: The Parkway team is so grateful for a busy 2020. We know that not everyone was as lucky as us this year. This month, we shared a handful of causes we care about and are holding extra close to our hearts this holiday season.