Instagram is the best social media network


As of late, users have seen many of the social media platforms “borrow” ideas from each other as they continue to fight to be the most popular. Should we be concerned that they’ll eventually morph into similar platforms? Facebook and Instagram both offer their users “stories” now, Snapchat continues to explore digital advertising and just introduced memories, and hashtags are more important than ever on all the major platforms.

However, there are a few reasons Instagram has managed to stay ahead of the curve, remaining the most effective form of social media for brands to invest their time in.

Staying Competitive

With simple features added: the ability to “like” individual comments, send private messages (without leaving the app) and now, being able to reply to specific comments, Instagram makes it easier to create a dialogue between brands and their users with personalized elements.


The use of hashtags connects people in a more realistic way than Twitter is able to, in large part thanks to the visual nature of the platform. Search a hashtag to find and follow other like-minded users, try a new visual style or just get inspiration…

Varied Media

Instagram allows users to share photos, video, stories and conversations in an uncomplicated way. Unlike Facebook, it seems organizations can let loose a bit on Instagram capturing and documenting their aura in an authentic and laid-back way.


With female and male users at close to a 50/50 split, Instagram is an advertiser’s dream, thanks to the ability to reach a diverse audience.

Native Advertising

Instagram allows you to get your company on to the newsfeed of multiple users who might engage with your brand. Tip: Be sure to create organic content that blends with the users’ normal feed, like using original, high-quality photography.