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Why we’re building content marketing strategies for our clients

“Content is king,” right? This popular phrase, coined by Bill Gates in the mid-90s, isn’t too far from the truth, even decades later. Content is at the center of every good digital marketing campaign because it delivers the message you want to communicate. A smart content marketing strategy starts the conversation between your brand and its customers. Communicating value to your potential customers is essential if you want to get their attention and gain their trust.

We’re shifting our clients’ digital strategies toward content marketing because a genuine conversation between you and your customers should be the foundation of your digital marketing. Content marketing isn’t churning out meaningless blog posts on the regular. We’re writing intentional, purposeful pieces that support your business goals and encourage your customers to engage.

Here’s why we’re shifting our focus to well-planned content marketing:

Increase Website Traffic

To make your website accessible to search engines, optimized copy, images and framework are essential. Search engines want to provide users with trustworthy content that answers their questions as straightforwardly as possible. Your most valuable content will be the blog posts and product pages that demonstrate EAT (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness) to your potential customers.

Search engine results aren’t the only place users will come across your digital content. Shareable content, like a blog post, expands your reach on social media and increases traffic to your website. When users click on a link in your social media posts or emails, they’re sent to your website, where they can explore all your business has to offer.

Generate New Leads

A smart content marketing strategy helps you reach potential customers at the top of the marketing funnel. Engaging your target audience with bite-sized, easy-to-read content is an invitation for potential clients to get to know you. You’re providing value to your website visitors and social followers, whether it’s entertainment or your expertise. In turn, digital content marketing gives you the chance to introduce your business and capture new leads.

Build Client Relationships

Sharing relevant and valuable content with your current clients is one of the best ways to nurture lasting relationships. With a content strategy that showcases your brand’s unique voice and benefits, you can engage with customers on a personal level. A content marketing strategy designed for long-term growth helps you foster meaningful, genuine connections with the people who want to get to know more about you. By including content designed for past purchasers within your strategy, you can encourage them to become loyal customers.