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Corporate rebrands catching our designers’ eyes

The world is constantly changing. If you and your business don’t change with it, your company could have a hard time inspiring customer loyalty or connecting with new clients. Rebranding allows you to look at your brand with fresh eyes and change it up to better reflect your business moving forward. This may mean designing a new logo, rearranging your website, adding new services and trying new marketing strategies. A new look keeps current clients interested and brings in new ones.

As a small business owner, following what well-known corporations have been doing to stay on top may help your rebrand be more successful.

Eye Catching Corporate Rebrands

These corporations underwent drastic rebrands in 2021. They definitely made us do a double-take! Small businesses might not need this much of a change to stay relevant and competitive, but you can definitely take inspiration from these rebrands.


Old and new GoDaddy logos side by side

  • Although the company has provided the same web hosting services since 1997, GoDaddy’s messaging has changed to relate to entrepreneurs.
  • GoDaddy dropped the quirky character in their logo and replaced it with an interlocking “GO.”
  • This new icon takes the shape of a heart, highlighting the company’s “Do what you love” slogan.
  • GoDaddy’s website now features lifestyle photos of real users along with the users’ names and websites.


Old and new Pfizer logos side by side

  • As noted in the company’s rebrand announcement, “Pfizer is no longer in the business of just treating diseases — we’re curing and preventing them.”
  • The company’s new logo represents all aspects of Pfizer, rather than just its pharmaceutical activities.
  • Dropping the pill-shaped form, the logo is now two interlocking shapes—almost like a double helix.
  • The two shapes represent the company’s two main focuses: science and the people that are helped by its innovations.


Old and new Smucker's logos side by side

  • Smuckers has slowly infiltrated markets beyond jams and jellies, and eventually bought Jif, Crisco, Folgers and Meow Mix.
  • The new logo represents the different aspects of the company while still representing its original start.
  • The new logo is a more simplified, deconstructed version of the original strawberry icon.
  • The company rebrand represents fresh, bold growth for not just the business but how it impacts communities and the planet as well.


Old and new Kia logos side by side

  • Kia dropped the oval around its logo and replaced it with capital letters in a futuristic font.
  • The new logo represents a handwritten signature—like a stamp of approval—while looking clean, legible and modern.
  • The new branding reflects the company’s recent focus on electric cars and mobility services beyond cars.