Using Facebook and Instagram Shopping for your small business

By September 14, 2020December 8th, 2020No Comments

As if social media didn’t already provide enough tools for your business, now you can turn your profile into an online storefront! Is this new feature, appropriately named Facebook and Instagram Shops, right for your small business?

What are Facebook and Instagram Shops?

Facebook Shops allow businesses to create an online store on Facebook and Instagram where users can discover and buy products directly from your profile, posts, ads or Stories! Users can find new businesses through Instagram Explore and the Facebook shopping tab, as well as browse, shop and purchase products right from the mobile apps.

Why use Facebook Shops for your Small Business?

Integrated ecommerce, user-friendly customization and the ability to connect with a large audience make Facebook Shops especially valuable for small businesses. Did we mention it’s free?!

Integrate your Shops

Facebook Shops integrates with both of Facebook’s social apps, Instagram and Facebook, making it simple for businesses to manage both platforms. Using Commerce and Manager and Catalog Manager, businesses only have to set up their shops once for them to be available both on their Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Facebook has also partnered with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and other third-party platforms to provide ecommerce integration. Small businesses can easily manage products, inventory and sales across their digital platforms from one place by syncing their ecommerce website to their Facebook Shop.

Customize your Shop

Design your own unique Shop to reflect your brand with customizable layouts, colors, imagery and other visual design elements. Facebook Shops’ user-friendly Commerce Manager allows you to create custom collections and highlight specific products in your Shop in just a few minutes.

Expand your Reach

Reach customers on a larger scale by giving them access to your shop right from your Facebook page, Instagram profile, Instagram Shopping ads, or shoppable posts and Stories. On Instagram, the Explore page offers ecommerce brands an opportunity to engage with a wide audience browsing content based on their specific interests. You can also create custom audiences based on people that have interacted with your products in Shops to reconnect with them through your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

Interact with Customers in Their Feeds

Create a shoppable experience for users even as they scroll through their feed with shoppable posts and Stories! Clickable product tags on your photos eliminate extra research for your users and provide them with a quick and easy way to shop. Just tapping the products in your posts and ads or Stories shopping “stickers” takes them straight to the product’s listing.

Communicate with Customers Directly

Using Facebook and Instagram Shops, you can offer direct support to customers through Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram Direct. You can also use these channels to communicate tracking updates and more!

Gather Insights

The Insights section within Commerce Manager helps you understand how people are interacting with your Facebook or Instagram Shop. Your Shop Insights measures sales, trends, content views, cart adds, clicks to your website and more key information to help you improve your business.