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Parkway Digital’s favorite podcasts

By November 11, 2019December 30th, 2019No Comments

Podcasts have steadily increased in popularity, and not just for Millenials. The catalyst? Last year, Spotify added podcasts to its subscription music service. Podcasts support our busy schedules and our affinity for multitasking. Here are some of Parkway’s favorites:


Pitchfork Economics

We all took Economics 101 in college but you might have to forget everything you were once taught, that is if you still even remember. Nick Hanauer examines the inequality that exists in our society and the decisions that led us there.

Intelligence Squared

Listen to the brightest minds discuss topics like foreign policy and cultural trends.


Analyze Phish

Analyze Phish is what happens when one Phish phan hilariously tries to convince someone who doesn’t like Phish to… you guessed it, like Phish.


A growing infatuation with true crime meant it was only a matter of time before a podcast about murder made the list.


How I Built This

It’s no surprise that our Parkway entrepreneur likes a podcast about entrepreneurs and innovators and the things they built, but we couldn’t agree more. Did you ever wonder how Spotify, Airbnb, SquareSpace and TOMS came to be? Dive into some of the world’s best known companies and be inspired.

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

The comedian dives deeper into conversation with the people he has enjoyed the most. Stuck in the late-night talk show cycle of scripted and short encounters, Conan never made long-lasting friendships but he’s decided to change that.


Stuff You Should Know

Crush it at your next trivia night after listening to a few seasons of Stuff You Should Know. Topics include anything and everything from thread count, interstates, beekeeping, icebergs, sleepwalking, and time zones.

Ask Me Another

Word games, comedy, interviews and trivia neatly packaged into a fun hour with NPR. It’s also easy to pick up where you left off which makes it convenient for road trips and for someone with a short commute.



The story of an investigative journalist (Brian Reed) who accidentally walks into a wild murder mystery in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (aka Shittown) unravels itself with crazy entertaining and fascinating characters, political and cultural hot topics, a ton of humor and obviously, suspense. Even the piano music played between chapters is gripping.

GaryVee Audio Experience

GaryVee is the ultimate entrepreneur and marketing guru, and his podcast delivery is fiery, passionate and motivating – the perfect treadmill accompaniment.

Honorable Mentions

These podcasts appeared on more than one of our team members’ lists: Ted Radio Hour, 99% Invisible, The Daily and How I Built This.