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What Parkway is grateful for this year

2022 has been quite the year for Parkway! While we began working in our new office regularly last year, we expanded our workspace to the second floor this year. Our team grew and we took on new clients and new exciting projects… including rec volleyball. Saying we’ve faced some changes over the last year is an understatement, but one thing is for sure–we’re grateful for it all.

Growth and Change

There have been a lot of new changes and additions to our team over the course of 2022. Parkway is growing in many unique ways–which means more brain power and creativity was needed.

Parkway has grown dramatically. Take the content team, for example. At the end of 2021, our content team mostly consisted of Taylor–content strategist–and Jenni–digital copywriter. We’ve since added David and Summer to the content crew. We also welcomed fresh faces to the design side of Parkway. Tyler joined us as a senior designer and we took on a part-time employee, Aryn, to help out with design and photography!

We couldn’t deliver the ideas, copy or designs we do without our entire team. We are grateful to have such a diverse group of people who work so well together—and with others.

A Finished Workspace

Three years ago, Parkway took a big step and purchased a historic building in Lancaster. We know this is old news for many of you, but the progress we’ve made is definitely worth mentioning.

Parkway officially moved into the first floor of the renovated, 150-year-old building in 2021, but still had an entire second floor to think about. Over the course of the last year, we renovated the second floor to make it a modern, comfortable workspace. By August 2022, the content team moved to the second floor, where they have a meeting space (The Content Lab) and a full kitchen! There’s also a Zoom Room for virtual meetings and another office space for a change of scenery or a little peace and quiet.

Grateful doesn’t even begin to cut it. Not only has this helped us grow as a business, but the team can stretch our legs in our own, personalized workspaces. We’re continuing to add personal touches to both floors of the Parkway office so it truly feels like a second home.

Genuine Support

The previous statement is the perfect lead-in to this final point.

No one likes working at a job they don’t feel supported at. You want to feel fully yourself at your job. You want to feel as if you’re surrounded by both friends and professionals when you sit down for a meeting.

Three employees purchased their first homes this year, another got married, and someone else transitioned her little ones into kindergarten. We recognize that each of our coworkers is also people living their life. We all do a great job supporting one another as we face major milestones or challenges.

Creating a safe space where personal and professional lives merge is what you want at work. Everyone at Parkway is grateful to feel that sense of safety and support when they walk through the door. Whether we have a work-related question or a more personal one, it’s nice working alongside supportive coworkers who genuinely get you.