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Parkway’s picks: summer reads edition

With warm weather often comes the urge to sit back and relax with a good story. Even though the Parkway team is hard at work during the summer months, we’ll always jump into a good story when we get the chance!

Check out a few of the books members of Parkway have read this summer, along with our favorite types of stories! Also, since there are so many ways to read a book–physical book, eBook, audiobook–we added the ways we like to read our favorite fiction and nonfiction.

If you need a good book this summer, one of these is sure to pique your interest!


If you’re looking for some inspiring stories involving business or music, Chris has some suggestions perfect for the entrepreneurs out there.

Summer read suggestions: “My favorite read so far this summer is THE STORYTELLER by Dave Grohl. I am currently reading IT’S HOW WE PLAY THE GAME by Ed Stack.”
Favorite genre: “Nonfiction. I’m more interested in either factual events or perspective. It helps me learn and improve, either for myself or the business. I don’t get the same experience from fiction.”
Type of book: “I prefer physical books. I really enjoy the feeling of a new hardcover book.”


Sometimes diving deeper into the current reality is just as fascinating as diving into a good fantasy. If you agree, Rob’s got you covered!

Favorite genre: “Nonfiction [is my favorite] because reality is more interesting than anything from the imagination.”
Type of book: “[I like] hardcover–so I have a steady surface to take notes in the margins.”


Not in the mood for nonfiction? Taylor’s summer suggestions will keep you on your toes as you dive into unique worlds with exciting characters.

Summer read suggestions: “I recently enjoyed THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO by Taylor Jenkins Reid, THE LOVE HYPOTHESIS by Ali Hazelwood, and WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING by Delia Owens.”
Favorite genre: “I like realist and historical fiction; I like stories that I can picture in my mind as I read.”
Type of book: “Paperbacks! I like bending them and folding pages over without feeling bad about it.”


If you’re a history junkie, David recommends a book that will send you into the past and help explain why past societies lived the way they did.

Summer read suggestion:SPQR: A HISTORY OF ANCIENT ROME by Mary Beard.”
Favorite genre: “History. I like the perspective it gives me. Reading about past societies and individuals helps me understand where we are today.”
Type of book: “Physical book. Reading is a quiet, or before bed, activity for me.”


Escape your own reality by diving into the rom-coms Jenni recommends! Some romance, some drama, some relatable messages. Summer perfection!

Summer read suggestions: “My recent favorites have been easy and fun: THE SOULMATE EQUATION by Christina Lauren, WEATHER GIRL by Rachel Lynn Solomon, and ONE TO WATCH by Kate Stayman-London.”
Favorite genre: “I love rom-coms and women’s fiction–since it’s the genre I write–but I also love me some fantasy/magical realism. Any chance to escape reality is a win!”
Type of book: “Honestly, audiobooks. Since my life is constantly on the move, they’ve been my go-to. I love the feel (and smell) of physical books, but I get through more stories by listening to them.”


Though Tyler hasn’t sat down to read for personal enjoyment in a while, he has sat down to read books to his little one! If you’re looking for something your kids will like, Tyler’s suggestion may help!

Summer read suggestion:BOOKS OF KINDNESS. It’s a set by Patricia Hegarty and illustrated by Summer Moon.”
Favorite genre: “He’s a toddler–so anything visual with bright colors and exciting characters.”
Type of book: “We prefer physical books so I can point to pictures and teach my son different and new words.”


Our Parkway intern, Ben, is not only a top-notch athlete but a historical nonfiction bookie. If you like feeling as if you’ve been sent back in time, check out these suggestions!

Summer read suggestion:UNBROKEN by Laura Hillenbrand… I know, it’s old!”
Favorite genre: “I like nonfiction and historical books. I like being able to put myself in the book, so reading about real places and having brief knowledge about the book helps with that.”
Type of book: “I’m young and prefer everything when it comes to technology. The ease of access and instant download is a plus!”